Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Haps.

Here are the happenings of our lives lately.....
Well not much is going on around here. It's Saturday and we are sitting around eating and being lazy. Um, also I am noticing that the tv just got switched to basketball. Not happening. Anywho, I made THE BEST veggie pizza ever. My MIL made it over Christmas and I fell in love with it then. It's super easy and super duper good!

I completely forgot to blog about this next piece of information. My sis Bev is engaged and getting married Feb 27th in California. Am I super pissed I can't be there? Yes. Do I expect her to move her wedding back? Yes. Did I ask my Dr. if I could go? Yes. Did he stare at me like I was an idiot? Yes. hahaha. I'm sad I won't be there, but I already have a plan in the works for a vacation to Cali in the summer with our cute baby. I am already looking at board shorts for him to wear on the beach. I know, CUTE.

I really want to see this movie!

....BUT...wouldn't you know that this awesome town doesn't have it playing in their theater yet. Are you kidding me????? Annoying, but I can deal. I suppose. I am loving the new year for many reasons, but I won't lie to you...I am also loving it because of all the new shows. My boy Simon is back with American Idol and I LOVE it. Sometimes I want to punch my tv when he starts talking in his British accent, but I secretly think he's a jerk kind of way. There are some other shows that I may or may not watch, but at this point I am not at liberty to publicly disclose what they are. Basically I am embarrassed that I watch them, but am too sucked in to turn them off!

The weather here has been pretty SaaaaaaaaaaWEET lately. When I say it's sweet, I mean it's 35 -40 degrees every day. It's pretty sad that I am excited about this being warm, but it is what it is. The snow is all melted and I love it. I keep thinking that maybe winter is over, but then I remember that one time that it snowed in June when I was up at school at BYUI :(


  1. Bev is so cute. How sad you won't be able to go. Judging from your comment on Mandy's fb, Jersey Shore is one of them. Ha! I ♥ it too as it's a random trashy reality show. Plus, I wish I had legs like Sammi's and Vinny was randomly in my dream the other night.

  2. RECIPE PLEASE!!! the pizza looks good!

    i LOVE reading your blog, you're friggin hilarious!!! I'm still cracking up!

    ps. CONGRATS on Bev and her guy, they're CUTE! Tell her Hello from her local friendly phlebotomist... we miss you crazy Irish lassies

  3. That pizza looks yummy! Sorry you can't go to the wedding - that sucks!

  4. Your life sounds a bit more exciting than ours! Sorry you can't go to the wedding! It just won't be the same without you there! Hope you're feeling well! Take care!

  5. sweet veggie pizza it took me so long to figure out what you meant when you said MIL iam not blonde just a little slow! (Lenny) well fun that bev is getting married she is so cute, fun trip to cali with the baby sounds perfect.

  6. Hey, there is something sexy about Simon, I think it's that he's so hairy....ew yuk, he's nasty, you're nasty. Anyhoo, I'm going to try that pizza this week, sound so delicious. Can't believe you are already 3/4 of the way done being preggers. It won't be long now. Yipeeeee!
    ~ <3's, Mandy

  7. I totally didn't know Beverly was getting married. That's awesome! Congrats. The pizza looks delightful and it's sick that we both look at the 30's as a good temp..... Today was EVEN warmer because it snowed and had cloud cover. I took my temperature when I realized I was happy about the snow bringing up the temp ;)