Thursday, January 7, 2010

Third Trimester.....YEAH BOI!

Well, I figured everyone has hopefully recovered from Tyler's year in review posts. I must have been feeling really nice to have let him take the reigns on the blog...because he doesn't have much of a sensor as you now know :) I feel like I am still getting caught up after the holidays. It was so much fun to get out of town and spend it with both of our families, but I was so ready to come home. I think it is just the pregnant in me, but I was so tired of sitting on planes and cars. I think I need a know those little round cushions they give people when they break their tailbone. On the ride home from Las Vegas, I literally thought I was going to have a freak out from sitting in the car. Combine leg cramps, with back cramps, with gas cramps and then you will have a window into my life in that car for 8 hours! TMI???? Maybe. I have officially hit the 3rd trimester...which means a few things. I am in the final stage of this pregnancy, I am on bi-monthly Dr. visits, I am getting anxious, I feel unprepared and oh yeah...I AM GROWING BY THE SECOND!
This is me at 28 weeks...I know, BIG MAMA!
Oh well, what can ya do?!?!?

I'm just gonna go ahead and throw this out there...wearing clothes sucks. It's not really the wearing, it's the finding and putting on. I am still wearing my own pants. Now before you get excited, you should know that I wear them unbuttoned and folded back with a bella band over the opening. I cannot find long maternity pants anywhere so....that's the best I can do! I can feel my hips widening so who knows how long I will be actually able to pull the pants up for? My next move is to bust out the husbands pants. haha. On a positive note though, I have not had the luxury of swollen feet or hands yet. Everytime I go to my Dr. he asks me if I have experienced either and it feels good to say no. If it does happen, I will just bust out the furry boots for church I guess.

We are ernestly trying to agree on a name for the baby. My mam is already calling him by our top choice so hopefully for her...we pick that one. He is very active now, but of course goes into hiding mode whenever Tyler tries to feel him move. It's so funny.

We will be married for one year this Saturday...Don't you worry, I am already planning my sappy declaration of love post to Tyler. We will actually be apart for our anniversary which is sad but hey, at least I have lifetime. Some idiot decided to schedule an away game for Saturday in Carey, Idaho. So Tyler will be spending our anniversary on a bus with stinky boys. LUCKY HIM! My sweet husband asked me if I wanted to jump on the bus and ride up to the game....3 hours both ways, pregnant, with stinky boys....I declined.

On a more serious note...some of you may have already heard, but my sister Mandy's father in law is sick! He is fighting IBC, an aggressive form of breast cancer. An online auction is being held to help raise money for his treatments. Go to to see the items and for more information. Garth is one of the most genuine people we know. He is always willing to help and serve whomever, whenever. Please take a moment to visit the blog and please keep him in your prayers!!!


  1. You are such a cute pregnant momma! As long as you drink A LOT Of water, the swelling will not happen. At least that is how it worked with all three of my pregnancies.

  2. I had bad swelling due to my preeclampsia, believe me, it sucked! Hope you continue to dodge it.

  3. You might not feel very prepared, but it sounds like you are very organized. It's hard with your first because even thought people load their own experiences on you, you really just have to experience it for yourself. Just keep breathing.......sorry about the lack of tall maternity pants. Maybe you should design some, you could sell them online and reap the benefits without leaving your home. Can't wait for the soppy "Always and forever" post to Tyler for your Anniversary.