Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 weeks!

Yep, that's all I have left. My dr is inducing me on the 18th. I will be a little over 37 weeks. To be honest, I have mixed emotions, but it's ok. I will be full term, but still a little anxious. The baby is measuring big and is very healthy and that's all I really care about. My dr. had me do some labs and there was a trace of protein which I think is pretty normal from what I've read, but he thinks we should induce. It has been a dramatic experience, but I know everything will work out. I am nervous, but more excited to meet our little man. Tyler has been so great! He comes with me to every appointment now and it makes me be able to handle my dr better. He may have even lay the smack down on our dr. a few times.
I had a shower on Sat. It was so much fun! I felt like everyone showed up that was invited. I really feel like I got to know more people in my ward and they are all so great! I got sooooooooo much stuff. It is all so cute! Our crib is in transit as we speak and should be here by tomorrow. We finally buckled down and chose one we wanted. It's so hard to make decisions. haha. We basically have everything now, so I feel a little better than I did last week when my dr. threw this induction at us.
My little sister got married on Sat and as you know, I couldn't be there :( Everyone said it was so great though! We are all so happy for them and I can't wait til Bev gets her pics back from the photographer. Congrats to them :)
In entertainment news, we are sucked in to our annual American Idol. Is it just me, or does everyone suck on the show? That may be a little harsh, but like no one stands out to me. Sure, Casey James is hot, but like nothin to write home about. I am hoping it gets better. It's so funny because my sister Kim and I watch that show and my other sister Mandy and I watch 16 and pregnant. So, you can guarantee there are multiple texts flying back and forward on Tuesday nights as both shows premier haha. Also, Bev and I were texting about The Bachelor on Monday night. I am not even going to go there though....RIDICULOUS! hahaha.
I worked out in Oakley with Tyler for the last week. I was in 4th grade for 4 days and then High School Government for 1 day. I took today off because I seriously needed a break. I can barely walk with the pressure on my hips and pelvis. Tyler laughs at me and says I walk as if I am a bow legged cowboy. haha. I literally wore leggings and furry boots the other day just so I wouldn't have to put on dress pants and real shoes. Sad....oh well!
My mam is coming up when I have the baby! I am so thankful for that! I can't wait for her to meet our little one and I know she'll be a great help. It's so calming to think that she'll be here to help if I have any questions or anything. Tyler's mom will be coming out sometime and his grandma will be stopping by at the end of April. She's done with her mission then....we're are so sad/happy for her :)
Life is good!


  1. Good luck! I'm sure everything will be fine. I haven't watched Idol in years but I've heard that same thing from pretty much everyone, they all suck. You know I'm watching 16 and Preg too. Plus, the bachelor? Ugh, I had read what would happen on weeks ago so I skipped the finale and watched bits and pieces of after the final rose. Gay.

  2. Wow, two weeks!!!! Good luck with it all.. you'll do fabulously (i'd actually kill to be a fly on the wall in your delivery room... just to hear if you verbally lash any of the idiot nurses!!! hehehe!)

    I don't watch Idol... but my facebook is lit up with the same reaction you have. I also haven't watched any Bachelor, but some girlfriends came over the night of the finale and we watched it... in the few minutes of what i watched... i grew to loathe that Vienna chick... wow, what a disappointing finale!! But i loved the question the other girl (who didn't get the rose) asked after the show... something about if he feels guilty about having such strong feelings for someone else if he's engaged to the other girl... or something... BOO YA, sucker. You got served.

  3. I hope everything goes well! We can't wait to see pictures of the little Matlock!

  4. two weeks...yay! that seems crazy and wierd! i'm excited for the girls to sing tonight on Idol. I think one of my overall favs is the girl with the dreads. She's just pure talent I think. I do think the girls have the advantage this year but I did like MR. Lynch again last nite? I read a thing on "the bachelor" online.....not interested...(but he is gonna be on DWTS so that'll be another opportunity to laugh at his face)

  5. We are so excited for you guys! We can't wait to see your new addition! Hope everything goes well!

  6. Everythings gonna be erie (Meet Joe Black, when he's channeling a jamaican lady) I know it's hard not to stress about the unknown but just try to trust that your doc has you and baby's interest at heart. I can't wait to see me little half Irish/half Indian nephew....he he. I hope he has a head full of hair, so cute! I might just have to hop on a plane and come see his little sweetness. Wish we were closer so we could eat a bag of Cadbury mini eggs between us. Ah someday soon. Love ya Shardin.

  7. Good luck with everything - can't wait to see pics of the little guy.