Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Hair Do.

So my sister Mandy and her family came into town last night. It has been so much fun hanging with them. They leave tomorrow and I'll be sad to see them go :( I swear Gavin, Tyrone and Niamh have all grown a foot since Christmas. My other sister Kim is headed up on Weds for a couple of days. My mam left on Fri afternoon and I miss her too. She helped so much while she was here. COME BACK!!!! jk...sorta.

I walked into the living room yesterday and found this:

Cute right? My boys are tired! Noah actually slept from about 3am-8am this morning, but those hours until 3am were killer. He is asleep next to me right now. Passed Out! So, that probably means tonight will be another all nighter. AWESOME! Also, it is my understanding that Tyler is shaving the beard tomorrow. YAY!!!!!

We gave the little prince (as my mam calls him) a bath tonight. I loved it. Him, not so much. I just love the smell of a clean, fresh baby. When we were done, I noticed he was sporting a faux hawk. Sooooo cute. I think we may be onto something here....


  1. Lovin the HAWK, he just gets cuter and cuter with every single photo. As for the late nights, sorry luv, hope little Noah gets on a regular schedule soon but at least you gots TiVo to catch up on ;)

  2. The hair is a keeper! So cute! Noah is so adorable.

  3. He's such a doll. Love the hawk too.

  4. What a cutie! Hang in there with the all nighters - he'll start sleeping longer and more so you can get some shut eye.

  5. Trudi, you are such a great mom. It was so sweet to see how natural you are at it. And also Tyler, I had to do a double take when I heard him offering to change a poopy diaper. What a great dad he is. Noah is an angel and we love him. Can't wait to see you guys for the blessing. Catch all the naps you can.