Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just hangin out

I am just sitting here watching E! (don't judge) and thinking about the fact that this time next week I may have my little man in my arms! Deep Breaths! haha. I had an appointment on Tues and my dr. said I am dialated to a good 2 and 80% effaced. (If you are Thome or Quinn, you may want to stop reading this blog or go talk to your mom if you have questions. lol. ) I was shocked when I heard that, but also relieved. I'm relieved to have made some progress as I am being induced. I have heard that it's a bit harder when they induce you and you have not progressed. So...YAY FOR ME! My Dr. still thinks that I will be delivering about an 8 pound baby, because he's measuring big, but I guess you never really know. He seemed impressed, but then spent the next 25 mins shooting the breeze with Tyler about the Utah Jazz and how some dad's try to fit in a game during the delivery. That's when I piped in, snapped my fingers and said "Not this dad!"

Tyler is still growing the beard. I actually kinda like it now. I had visions of him looking like Osama Bin Laden, but it actually looks pretty good, even hot!!! I did hear a little rumor that he told his students that he's only doing it so he can shave it and keep a mustache. Um, mustache=molestache! I will never understand why men are intrigued by mustache's. Hmmmm......

So my mam is arriving next Wednesday aka St. Patricks Day....coincidence??? I think not. Maybe we can fit in a little shin dig before I go in the next morning, or not. I'm excited though. It will be fun! My oldest sister Kim called this morning and said she'll be stopping by at the end of March/beginning of April for a few days. It'll just be her and I'll miss her kids, but then again her son Ryan is the one who drew on Kami's newborn head with a sharpie so....maybe not:)

So, this week is HUGE for Idol. They will cut 2 girls and 2 boys tonight and then we will be down to the final 12. I'm still having mixed feelings about this season. My girl Crystal is AWESOME though. Totally head and shoulders above the rest. Also, I love Tivo. It's a beautiful thing. I haven't watched a commercial in so long and I especially love it to fast forward through Kara's stupid comments during American Idol. Good times!

And now, for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Ha, we always call them a "portstache" lol. Wow, next week, that's so soon!

  2. It's nearly time, YaY, I bet you can't wait. So excited to see the little guy, ahhhh now. That's funny about Tyler, hopefully the mustache won't last long, eek!!

  3. i dunno which is funnier your posting or that hot man??? lol..... whoop for idol tonight - why did I miss that two girls and two guys r going home? I need hearing aids maybe?

  4. I was 100% eff faced after reading that. thanks alot!

  5. hahaha.... Thome's comment (whoever that may be) is hilarious!!!!

    i was induced a week early cuz i couldn't stand being pregnant anymore... it was ridiculous: i was dilated at a solid 3, 100% effaced AND lost my mucus plug.... BUT STILL NO BABY!!! Being induced was great AND crappy.... but i'm glad we did it in the end, Ava was pretty HUGE for my wienie asian hips.

    GOOD LUCK, can't wait to see the guy!!

  6. The molestach makes me laugh because I think the same thing! I am grateful that my Sweetheart can't grow facial hair very well so we are able to avoid that situation :) I am really excited that you are getting so close! Our little ones will be born only 2 days apart. We will have to hook them up later in life. Best wishes!

  7. I love reading your posts - you crack me up. It's getting close; don't be too nervous!


    ok, so i use googlereader, which notifies and gives me the latest posts from the folks i follow.... well, it's no longer published, but I just wanted to point out that Tyler's latest was HIL-freakin-LARIOUS!!!!!!! too close to home there, i love it!

    touche, good sir.