Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new tradition?!!?!?!?!?

This conversation took place at our house this morning while getting ready for church.

Me: "Are you going to shave?"
Ty: "Nah"
Me: "Really? Not for church?"
Ty: "No. This is how I'm doing it now. I'll shave on Monday mornings and then that will be good for the week."
Me: "Really? Hmmmm"
Ty: "I'm actually thinking of growing a beard until the baby gets here."
Me: "Seriously? Why?"
Ty: "Just like to start a tradition ya know?"
Me: Running to count the days on the calendar til I deliver...."10 more days of no shaving???"
Ty: "Yeah, cool huh?"

He will be a mountain man by the 18th....Awesome.


  1. lol, guys are so funny about their facial hair!

  2. hahaha! that's funny! Taylor tried doing the whole beard/mustache thing... till he realized that i wouldn't give him any of my sweet, sweet Katy lovin' (that's not supposed to be graphic, i swear) then he shaved....

    i win.

  3. like the collag - good job! So listen, is he saying the tradition is just this baby or after this baby he is also going to grow beard till the next baby. A tradition is a recurring thing so will we have bigfoot attending thanksgiving this year?? just wondrin'?

  4. also please tell me he didn't wear "that" to church? hee hee

  5. uhhhhhh seriously? haha
    also. i like couldn't tell that first picture was tyler. why do boys ALWAYS stay young looking and never age?? gay.

  6. Scuff is so good-looking, too bad it can hurt sometimes! Craig likes to tell me he'll only shave when he gets a hair cut (about once a month or so), sometimes he'll shave once a week if I'm lucky!

  7. Don't you want him to have a beard like your ol' da? I don't like a full beard meself, but I love a goatee and moustache combo. Unfortunately Lucas can't have one because of work. Leave Tyler alone! Let him do him and you do you! Ha ha.