Friday, March 26, 2010

Noah Vann Matlock

Noah was born on March 18th at 7:16pm. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. I was in labor for about 12 hours and it was a hard day, but all very worth it! I always think it's kinda weird when people write a play by play of the delivery on their blog so I won't but, let's just say I don't remember a lot of it. My dr. had my so drugged out that Tyler had to practically slap me to wake me up so that I could push. I don't know when #2 will be coming along (it won't be soon), but I do know that I will be doing some things differently.
Tyler and I are in love with this little guy and spend most are time just staring at him ;) He is such a good baby. He only cries when he's hungry. I do think he has his days a little backwards because he sleeps all through the day and wakes up about every hour during the night. Good Times. I also think I have created a monster with the boppy pillow. Noah will not sleep in the bassinet and will only stop crying during the night if I put him in the boppy. That thing is pretty cool though.
The minute we saw him, we knew the name we picked was the right one. We have had some fun though. Some names that may be heard are: Noah Vanwilder Matlock, Noah Vann Freakin Matlock, and Noah Van Halen Matlock. We have also started hearing the Noah jokes....A lady said to me the other day "Oh Noah is a cute name. Let's hope he doesn't miss the boat." She then proceeded to laugh out loud to herself. hahaha.
We feel so blessed to have this sweet little boy in our lives and are so excited for all the adventures that are in store for us!!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.


  1. my goodness he's a freakin cutie!!!

    I shall now call him "Noah Van Freakishly Adorable Matlock Mysteries" (i used to LOVE that show, "matlock mysteries"... and I'm secretly jealous that i didn't marry someone with an equally awesome last name.... Wilson. Just Wilson. Not even Norris (as in Chuck) or MacGyver. Totally gypped.

    but wait, we're not talking about me, are we?

    Seriously, congrats- he's completely perfect and i'm so happy for you guys. It's crazy, you really can't remember WHAT you looked at or talked about before the kid comes along, huh? It's all about the wee punks from here on out!!!!

  2. Okay seriously, the first picture...I would run away with him, but I would bring him back ;) He is such a cutie, I love him!

  3. What a cute little guy! I'm glad things went okay and that he is here. Good luck with everything.

  4. He is so cute! Congrats again! Hope you are feeling well and getting some rest! Take care!

  5. all I can say is...... 3 more days and I get to hold him....yiiippppeeeeee~!!!!

  6. He is SERIOUSLY adorable! It's not very often you see a newborn that cute. Well done! ;)

  7. I want your baby!! I know you wouldn't give hime up for anything, but seeing those pictures make me want to pick him up and snuggle him. . . . the thought of another pregnancy is more than I can bear though, so I'll just enjoy living vicariously through others:)