Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Weight Game

We took Noah in today for the snip snip. Needless to say, I stepped out of the room and made Tyler stay in there with him. Both boys did great :) I thought I could handle it, but when the Dr. started explaining the process, I decided to exit stage left. I love the nurse in the dr's office. She's an older lady and is just so cute with Noah. She is always talking the baby talk to him. lol. Today she said (in her baby voice) "you look like a total boy, no one would ever mistake that little face for a girls." It was kinda random, but cute! She took Noah to weigh him and the little guy has gained 7 ounces since our last visit which was only 4 days ago. That's my boy! When I stepped out of the room, I decided to weigh myself. I was a little nervous because I haven't since I had the baby, but I am proud to say I am down 20 lbs. YEAH BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I only have 20 to go. I am itching to get out of this house and run like crazy. I am sure I will change my mind once my feet hit the pavement, but it's a great thought :) It's only been a week and a half since I had him so I don't want to rush things too much. Also, it is raining cats and dogs today so hopefully that will be over and spring will be finally here when I decide to step out!!! I just hope that I haven't hit a plateau. But if so, there is always Dr. 90210 ;)

Also, I am intrigued by a new show. It's called hoarders. It's on TLC on Sunday nights. Now, it may not be totally new, but it's new to me. I am so flabberghasted by these people. The FILTH!!!!!!! The whole show makes me feel two things. 1. Sick...to my stomach that people can live like this and 2. So great about my own house/life. Seriously, I feel sooooooooo clean. Some of the episodes are seriously so bad that I have to change the channel. It's sad!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Hair Do.

So my sister Mandy and her family came into town last night. It has been so much fun hanging with them. They leave tomorrow and I'll be sad to see them go :( I swear Gavin, Tyrone and Niamh have all grown a foot since Christmas. My other sister Kim is headed up on Weds for a couple of days. My mam left on Fri afternoon and I miss her too. She helped so much while she was here. COME BACK!!!! jk...sorta.

I walked into the living room yesterday and found this:

Cute right? My boys are tired! Noah actually slept from about 3am-8am this morning, but those hours until 3am were killer. He is asleep next to me right now. Passed Out! So, that probably means tonight will be another all nighter. AWESOME! Also, it is my understanding that Tyler is shaving the beard tomorrow. YAY!!!!!

We gave the little prince (as my mam calls him) a bath tonight. I loved it. Him, not so much. I just love the smell of a clean, fresh baby. When we were done, I noticed he was sporting a faux hawk. Sooooo cute. I think we may be onto something here....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Noah Vann Matlock

Noah was born on March 18th at 7:16pm. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. I was in labor for about 12 hours and it was a hard day, but all very worth it! I always think it's kinda weird when people write a play by play of the delivery on their blog so I won't but, let's just say I don't remember a lot of it. My dr. had my so drugged out that Tyler had to practically slap me to wake me up so that I could push. I don't know when #2 will be coming along (it won't be soon), but I do know that I will be doing some things differently.
Tyler and I are in love with this little guy and spend most are time just staring at him ;) He is such a good baby. He only cries when he's hungry. I do think he has his days a little backwards because he sleeps all through the day and wakes up about every hour during the night. Good Times. I also think I have created a monster with the boppy pillow. Noah will not sleep in the bassinet and will only stop crying during the night if I put him in the boppy. That thing is pretty cool though.
The minute we saw him, we knew the name we picked was the right one. We have had some fun though. Some names that may be heard are: Noah Vanwilder Matlock, Noah Vann Freakin Matlock, and Noah Van Halen Matlock. We have also started hearing the Noah jokes....A lady said to me the other day "Oh Noah is a cute name. Let's hope he doesn't miss the boat." She then proceeded to laugh out loud to herself. hahaha.
We feel so blessed to have this sweet little boy in our lives and are so excited for all the adventures that are in store for us!!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break!

This week is Spring Break! YEEHAW! Now, if I wasn't married to a teacher, then I probably wouldn't care because my girls gone wild days are over....but because I am it basically means a weeks vacation for us! Perfect timing for me to be induced on Thursday right? RIGHT :) We have been busy prepping for our little man to get here! Here's a few pics of the haps.

This is a diaper cake that a lady made for my shower. Cute huh?

Tyler's mom sent us this crib set! Soooo cute.

Since we're renting and can't paint, I had to get creative and put up a boarder.

My mam sent us this plaque for the baby's room. Love it!

So, I wanted to take a bump pic the other day and asked Tyler to take it. After he took it he said, "you look like a ragamuffin!" Rude! So anywho, I cropped my face off and kept the bump...ENJOY!

And here's a picture of my bearded man. Thankfully the beard isn't growing at a rapid pace. lol.

After today, we only have 2 days til D day!!!! GIDDIUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just hangin out

I am just sitting here watching E! (don't judge) and thinking about the fact that this time next week I may have my little man in my arms! Deep Breaths! haha. I had an appointment on Tues and my dr. said I am dialated to a good 2 and 80% effaced. (If you are Thome or Quinn, you may want to stop reading this blog or go talk to your mom if you have questions. lol. ) I was shocked when I heard that, but also relieved. I'm relieved to have made some progress as I am being induced. I have heard that it's a bit harder when they induce you and you have not progressed. So...YAY FOR ME! My Dr. still thinks that I will be delivering about an 8 pound baby, because he's measuring big, but I guess you never really know. He seemed impressed, but then spent the next 25 mins shooting the breeze with Tyler about the Utah Jazz and how some dad's try to fit in a game during the delivery. That's when I piped in, snapped my fingers and said "Not this dad!"

Tyler is still growing the beard. I actually kinda like it now. I had visions of him looking like Osama Bin Laden, but it actually looks pretty good, even hot!!! I did hear a little rumor that he told his students that he's only doing it so he can shave it and keep a mustache. Um, mustache=molestache! I will never understand why men are intrigued by mustache's. Hmmmm......

So my mam is arriving next Wednesday aka St. Patricks Day....coincidence??? I think not. Maybe we can fit in a little shin dig before I go in the next morning, or not. I'm excited though. It will be fun! My oldest sister Kim called this morning and said she'll be stopping by at the end of March/beginning of April for a few days. It'll just be her and I'll miss her kids, but then again her son Ryan is the one who drew on Kami's newborn head with a sharpie so....maybe not:)

So, this week is HUGE for Idol. They will cut 2 girls and 2 boys tonight and then we will be down to the final 12. I'm still having mixed feelings about this season. My girl Crystal is AWESOME though. Totally head and shoulders above the rest. Also, I love Tivo. It's a beautiful thing. I haven't watched a commercial in so long and I especially love it to fast forward through Kara's stupid comments during American Idol. Good times!

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new tradition?!!?!?!?!?

This conversation took place at our house this morning while getting ready for church.

Me: "Are you going to shave?"
Ty: "Nah"
Me: "Really? Not for church?"
Ty: "No. This is how I'm doing it now. I'll shave on Monday mornings and then that will be good for the week."
Me: "Really? Hmmmm"
Ty: "I'm actually thinking of growing a beard until the baby gets here."
Me: "Seriously? Why?"
Ty: "Just like to start a tradition ya know?"
Me: Running to count the days on the calendar til I deliver...."10 more days of no shaving???"
Ty: "Yeah, cool huh?"

He will be a mountain man by the 18th....Awesome.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys....

We are pretty much almost there with the preparations for our little guy. I remember at the beginning of the pregnancy people would ask me what I wanted, a girl or a boy? I really didn't know. I really didn't care which one I guess. Tyler said from the beginning that he knew it was a boy, but I thought he would be wrong just because he seemed so "sure" about it. I remember his mom sent us some OU onesies and I thought, "could I still put a girl in those?" I remember not being sure which I wanted more a girl or a boy. There seemed to be so much more clothes for girls in the stores. When we found out we were having a boy, Tyler's first words were "That's right!" I remember being excited, but over time I have become even more excited and now I just can't wait :)

My mam sent me this picture from Bev's wedding and I just thought it was hilarious.

It's my 4 nephews in deep conversation with the bar tender at the restauraunt following the wedding. I think it's so funny that the four of them are sitting up at the bar, with their little suits on. My mam said "they looked like 4 little old men"...hahaha. These 4 little guys are so adorable! They each have their own individual personality and each of them are hilarious in their own little way. We miss living close to them and can't wait for them to meet our little guy so they can teach him all the tricks of the trade.

Here are the same boys with Tyler at our wedding. They are getting this whole wedding thing down at this stage in the game.

When these boys are older, we will all have nothing but good memories of their younger years. A few that come to mind are:

-Ryan drawing on his newborn sisters head with a sharpie...not good. lol.
-Gavin replacing the word "truck" with a similar swear word when he was learning how to talk.
-Tyrone locking himself in his room and falling into such a deep sleep that his mom thought he was passed out and took a hammer to the door to open it.
-Jacob doing kung fu panda and smashing his face on the edge of a table. Cool scar though ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 weeks!

Yep, that's all I have left. My dr is inducing me on the 18th. I will be a little over 37 weeks. To be honest, I have mixed emotions, but it's ok. I will be full term, but still a little anxious. The baby is measuring big and is very healthy and that's all I really care about. My dr. had me do some labs and there was a trace of protein which I think is pretty normal from what I've read, but he thinks we should induce. It has been a dramatic experience, but I know everything will work out. I am nervous, but more excited to meet our little man. Tyler has been so great! He comes with me to every appointment now and it makes me be able to handle my dr better. He may have even lay the smack down on our dr. a few times.
I had a shower on Sat. It was so much fun! I felt like everyone showed up that was invited. I really feel like I got to know more people in my ward and they are all so great! I got sooooooooo much stuff. It is all so cute! Our crib is in transit as we speak and should be here by tomorrow. We finally buckled down and chose one we wanted. It's so hard to make decisions. haha. We basically have everything now, so I feel a little better than I did last week when my dr. threw this induction at us.
My little sister got married on Sat and as you know, I couldn't be there :( Everyone said it was so great though! We are all so happy for them and I can't wait til Bev gets her pics back from the photographer. Congrats to them :)
In entertainment news, we are sucked in to our annual American Idol. Is it just me, or does everyone suck on the show? That may be a little harsh, but like no one stands out to me. Sure, Casey James is hot, but like nothin to write home about. I am hoping it gets better. It's so funny because my sister Kim and I watch that show and my other sister Mandy and I watch 16 and pregnant. So, you can guarantee there are multiple texts flying back and forward on Tuesday nights as both shows premier haha. Also, Bev and I were texting about The Bachelor on Monday night. I am not even going to go there though....RIDICULOUS! hahaha.
I worked out in Oakley with Tyler for the last week. I was in 4th grade for 4 days and then High School Government for 1 day. I took today off because I seriously needed a break. I can barely walk with the pressure on my hips and pelvis. Tyler laughs at me and says I walk as if I am a bow legged cowboy. haha. I literally wore leggings and furry boots the other day just so I wouldn't have to put on dress pants and real shoes. Sad....oh well!
My mam is coming up when I have the baby! I am so thankful for that! I can't wait for her to meet our little one and I know she'll be a great help. It's so calming to think that she'll be here to help if I have any questions or anything. Tyler's mom will be coming out sometime and his grandma will be stopping by at the end of April. She's done with her mission then....we're are so sad/happy for her :)
Life is good!