Monday, March 7, 2011

Back In Business

First of all, this is what I opened my front door to today....Just when you think spring is here!!!

I haven't blogged in awhile. There have been a few reasons. We have been busy, out of town and my laptop choked. I also didn't feel like I had any good news to share, so blogging wasn't at the top of my list. Our new laptop arrived today and let me tell you, it feels great to have that technology at my fingertips once again. I have been trying to do what I can on my phone, but it just wasn't cutting it. We had another laptop and gave it to my mam & stepdad because we didn't need it....I would love to say I was surprised when our laptop bit the dust after giving our "back up" one away, but I'm not too surprised at all. Two words: DEVINE CURSE. Amen.

My baby is turning 1 year in 11 days. How can this even be possible? It seems surreal that at this time, a year ago...I was going in for non stress tests twice a week with a doctor that I despised and never thought that I would actually ever meet my baby because it seemed like I had been pregnant for about 3 years. Haha. How my life has changed since then...Everything I do now revolves around Noah and I wouldn't have it any other way. But, enough of the sappy stuff...let me be honest: My husband says that Noah is experiencing The Terrible 11 months right now. Noah is clingy, stubborn, spoiled, and then some. He gets into EVERYTHING. He has pulled off the child proof latches that Tyler installed....yes, the ones that you screw in. He will slam his fingers in the cupboard, scream hysterically and then go back for some more.... He is almost walking. He'll stand up by himself and walk around the furniture and I know my life will be over as soon as he becomes really mobile. Even though he is a fireball and a lot of work, I love him!!! One of my favorite moments of this weekend was when he snuggled up to me and fell asleep in my arms. Doesn't happen anymore, so it was awesome!!! We are still trying to figure out birthday plans. I would love to take him to a zoo or something. Does a zoo operate in the snow? I dunno.

I am on book #2 for the book club I'm in. The first book we read was Jane Eyre. It was so boring. I thought I would die reading it. Granted it's pretty much a classic, but so so so sooooooooo BORING. This months book is The Glass Castle. I haven't started it yet because it just got here, but the story sounds interesting and I'm sure it will keep my attention. Excited!

I'm a TV junkie. Don't judge me. I usually have to catch up on my shows after Noah is down for the night. It's the beauty of DVR. I watched the bachelor this season. 2 things...1. Brad is not cute and 2. He has the most boring personality in the world. How many times per episode does he say..I see what you mean, I know what you mean or I get what you're saying....Zzzzzzzzz, We are all up on American Idol as usual. I hated Steven Tyler at the beginning, but I kinda like him now and I like J Lo and Randy too. I was pretty ok with the final 13 picks and have a few favorites of my own.

This guy is one of my favorites! I love his background story and BOY CAN SING. I also think it's hilarious that my sisters think he looks like Tyler....Um, no!

My mam was in town a few weeks ago and made me curtains. I helped a tiny bit, but she did most of the work and I love them. I've been trying to find curtains that are wide enough to fit my kitchen window. I should have known that my favorite store (IKEA) would have them and for CHEAP!!!! We ended up buying a set of grey curtains there and some cute printed fabric and my mam did the rest!!!!

I wanted to get my sister a baby carrier tent for baby Isla who is set to arrive in June. I received one when I was pregnant with Noah and it has been a dream. However, when I went to buy one online, it was $50....No thanks. So, my mam and I bought some fabric and some thread and made one for about $8. Of course I didn't take a picture of the final product, but here's one before we started sewing. It was sooooooooo easy and $42 cheaper. We also made it so it can double as a nursing cover too!

Here's some other random pics from my camera.

Hahaha, somebody partied a little too much....


  1. Love the curtains and the car seat tent fabric. So so cute. I have mixed feelings on Brad, sometimes I think he's not too bad looking, other times, blah! Now, my SIL and I were just talking today about who we wish they would give a redo to on the Bachelor instead of Brad...and that is Dr. Travis Stork. Hottie!

  2. Yeah Dr. Stork is HOT!!!!! Monday nights would be soo much better if he was on there instead of Boring Brad.

  3. Now that's a post! I guess I didn't realize noah's birthday was so soon! Whoa! I love your curtains and I think that every time I stop in at your house. I'm with you on the book club book. So glad Jane Eyre is done! Onto the next!

  4. I'm with ya on the weather! I told Adam that the snow was starting to kill my soul :) WAY too much snow this year...
    We read The Glass Castle for book club a little while ago, and I actually liked it. It kind of affected me (it's hard to read about kids not being taken care of....), but I loved reading about how the kids were able to pretty much pull themselves out of it.... She did a 2nd book that's actually about her Grandma (so it's kind of a prequel). That one was pretty good too :)

  5. Oh my gosh... I LOVE your curtains!! You think your Mom would make me some???..haha...I have been looking everywhere and can't find any i like... I love American Idol too... & I thought i would hate the new judges but i love them!! Your baby boy is soo cute & is getting so big!