Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

My sister Bev is a year younger than me and we have always been really close. We were both in high school when we moved and had a lot of the same friends from church and school. In high school I had the privilege of driving my family's van aka The Hoopty or the Shaggin Wagon. It looked a little like the one below....except it was silver, with pink velvet interior and had captain seats in the back that would swivel and a bench seat that folded down into a bed. It also had a table in the back with built in cup holders and even had the ladder on the back, just like this picture.

Anyway....moving on! Bev and I hung out with some friends that not only went to high school with us, but also were in our ward. We had good times....(some that will make the flashback friday cut and some that will We had a pretty close knit mutual group. We were all especially close with our Young Women leaders. Our Young Womens President just happened to have 2 teenage sons who weren't really active, didn't go to school and were slightly on the verge of being menaces to society. We thought they were HOT! I think somewhere in our little juvenile minds, we believed that we could reactivate them, give them makeovers and turn them into movie stars. One of them had hair down past his shoulders, but it was nothing we couldn't change.

We wanted to get to know them better, but we didn't really know how to go about it. We told their mom to invite them to some activities, but we didn't want her to know about our makeover plans for them either, so we had to be pretty discreet. The boys in our ward were not helping the situation at all. They pretty much knew what we were up to and had already began to make fun of us.

One night as my sister, two of our friends and I were cruising around in the van, we conveniently drove by their house. The two boys were out on their front lawn sitting on their trampoline with about 5 of their friends that we only knew to see from our school. We played it cool, but knew this was our time to shine. We drove by ever so nonchalantly and began to devise our plan. We had nothing! There was no way we were parking and getting out to talk to them so we decided to just drive by one more time.

As we approached the front of the house, someone rolled down the windows in the van and screamed "YOU'RE SO HOT!!!!!!", as I lay on the horn! No sooner had the word hot been yelled out, than we heard sirens and saw the van get lit up by the cop car that was right behind front of our future husbands house.

I could have died right then and there. I mean, seriously what are the odds? We were pulled over basically in the boys' yard and they were just staring at us from the trampoline as if we were psycho stalkers or something, the nerve....... The cop came to my window, asked me for all my papers. He ran my license and registration and then came back and and then said something about honking being illegal (which I highly doubt) and said that he would let us go on a warning. We hid from those boys for a couple of weeks due to pure embarrassment, but as you can imagine that only lasted until we devised our next plan of attack.


  1. Bahahaha, I totally forgot about this, I am cracking up, seriously how obvious were we lol especially in the van. Oh the awkward moments we had just surrounding those boys, good times!!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Ah the glory days. I wish we would have kept blogs back then so we could have remembered EVERYTHING!! Hahaha!!!

  3. I looooove flashback Friday! Hilarious!!! -jess

  4. I seriously LOVE your flashback Fridays :) I wish I could've been in on a couple of these escapades :) I was burried in Hiko and apparently missed out on some adventures :)