Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

One year ago today, my life changed and I knew from that moment on, it would never be the same. I was 37 weeks pregnant to the day and was being induced at 6:30am in the morning. I was so unsure of what was going on. I felt like I wasn't ready to have the baby and that it was too soon, but I had a Dr. that was pushing me, telling me that I was on the brink of toxemia, but was also leaving for Peru the next morning. Man, have I learned a few things!!! ANYWHO, my mam had come into town to be there. Tyler, my mam and I headed to the hospital at 6:30am and checked in. I was so nervous. They took my blood pressure and it was sky high with the nerves...It came down once I settled down. lol. I hadn't eaten anything because they told me not to and I was already STARVING. Tyler and my mam went and got breakfast. I was already dilated to a 3 the previous week and just assumed that things would get moving pretty quick. They started me on pitocin and magnesium (because my lovely Dr. insisted). I was sweating, then freezing, then sweating. My husband was putting wash cloths in my palms because my hands were on fire. About 4 hours into it, I just felt sick. I sat up in the bed and proceeded to vomit, except there was nothing in me so I was just basically wretching (WORST.FEELING.EVER), my blood pressure dipped way low and so they had to give me meds for that and for the nausea, but my lovely Dr. would not turn off the magnesium. The vomiting happened a few more times and at this point, I was out of it. My Dr. had described being on magnesium as feeling like a limp wash rag...Um, yeah. They gave me a drug called phenergan at which point I began to hallucinate. My mam said I was saying things like, why am I here?, I don't even know who I am?, etc....I don't remember anything. I had gotten an epidural pretty early. I'm still surprised my Dr. was down with that because he was so dumb about everything else. He let me get an epidural at a 3. As time went on, I began feeling hard contractions and so my Dr. called the anesthesiologist to come top me up. Now, I don't know the lingo...but someone misinformed someone because the anesthesiologist gave me a whole new dose and my Dr. and him were having some strained discussions to the side of my bed. At this point, with the magnesium, epidurals and all the other drugs, I was basically passing out. Tyler kept trying to talk to me, but all I wanted to do was sleep. I started vomiting once more, and the Dr. came in and said, "ok, let's have a baby." Might I add, that him and my husband were talking about the BYU game that was on. I WAS SO MAD!!!!! It was around 7pm, Tyler had to slap me a few times to wake me up to push, but after about 20 mins, Noah Vann Matlock was born. Weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. The nurses noticed that Noah was breathing kinda funny, so they called another Dr. in who suggested we transport him to Twin to St. Lukes. I was so mad at my Dr. because he was saying things like, "I thought his lungs would be ready"...Yeah, ANYWAY...Noah was transported to St. Lukes that night. Tyler went with him and my mam stayed with me. They wheeled him in to me in his little transport crib before they left and he was so dang cute. Little beenie, all wrapped up! It was honestly the saddest moment of my life. I was so worried and scared. I didn't sleep at all that night and I never ate because I wasn't hungry anymore! The next morning, my Dr. was trying to tell me that I had to stay longer because I had been on magnesium and couldn't leave for 24 hours. I seriously told him that I'd be leaving with his approval or without. He said he'd release me by 10am. My mam and I took off to Twin. As it turned out, Noah's lungs were fully developed but the fluid around them was not. By the time we got there, all was well. They had replaced the missing surfactant (fluid) and Noah was just being monitored really. He also had a bad case of jaundice, which is pretty common, but because we were there, they had him under the lamps. He was 5 days in the hospital. We stayed in twin and went over every 3 hours to feed and change him, even in the middle of the night! Even at days old, Noah was a little fireball. Everytime they put a tube in him, he'd pull it out!!! Every single person that passed him in the NICU commented on how beautiful he was. The funny thing was that most of the other babies were preemies, so Noah looked HUGE compared to them! We took him home on Tues night and our adventure began. We love Noah so much and cannot imagine our lives without him!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Skinny Bums!!!!

(when he arrived in Twin Falls, ID)

(This was in the nicu, I chopped off his head because he had an IV in it.)

(Now you know why we call him Mr. Skinny Bums....:))


  1. Aww what a blessing little Noah is, can't believe it's been a year! He just gets cuter and cuter. Hope his Birthday was fun!! Give him kisses from Auntie Bev :)

  2. So cute, can't believe it's been a year! I hear ya on nightmare deliveries, luckily, we forget (mostly) fairly easily so we are willing to do it again!