Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Creative

I decided to take the plunge and take part in bountiful baskets. I picked up my box of produce on Saturday! I was excited, but kinda scared because this meant that I was going to have to get creative, especially since this basket contained asparagus, and multi colored cauliflower.....Eeek...

I am proud to say that I have been more than pleased. I made cauliflower cheese to go along with our honey bbq chicken one night and then made grilled fresh green beans last night. Let me tell you that those bad boys were SO GOOD! I couldn't stop eating them even before I put them on the plates. SO GOOD!!!! Tonight I am going to make roasted asparagus. I got the recipe here. (p.s.That blog is awesome, you should follow it :))

This isn't actually my basket, I took this pic from the same website where I got my recipes for the asparagus and green beans. I also got blueberries instead of blackberries and only 2 roma tomatoes :(

One more thing, for all my Vegas and Alamo peeps, Bountiful Baskets is in your area!!! You should totally check it out!!!! Here's the link. Enjoy!!!!


  1. I loooove Bountiful Baskets!!! You get soo much for such a great price. You need to try the bread too, it's seriously the BEST bread I've ever had.

  2. I'm planning to pick mine up at the freakin butt crack of dawn on Sat!